How To Keep Your Knives As Sharp As Your Kitchen Looks

One of the most fundamental bits of equipment needed in a kitchen is a good set of knives. A good set will last you a lifetime, especially if you take care of them properly. Sharp knives don’t just make cutting and chopping easier, they are much safer to use because you don’t have to hack at what you’re cutting up. Sharp knives result in cleaner cuts, so you can glide through meat and vegetables alike without much effort.


The most effective way of sharpening your blade is to use a whetstone or diamond stone. This works by carefully grinding away the metal from your blade to recreate the edge and make it sharp. Whilst it might sound daunting to sharpen your own knives, it’s actually incredibly easy it just takes some time, patience and practice. Starting with a rougher grit whetstone, lubricate the blade with natural oils and run the edge of the blade across the whetstone whilst holding it at about a 20° angle. Repeat this on both sides of the blade until you create a burr on the steel. Once you have achieved this, move onto a smaller grit which will help refine the edge and polish the blade. It might take practice but this is the most effective way to sharpen a knife.

Honing Steel

Everybody has seen chefs on TV running their knives up and down honing steels at lightning speeds. Whilst it might seem like this is sharpening the blade this isn’t actually what’s happening. Honing steels are used in between sharpening a knife with a whetstone, their job is to keep the blade straight. Over time and with heavy use blades can warp slightly as well as pick up small imperfections like dints and knicks. Using a honing steel realigns the metal and removes these small blemishes to keep the knife sharper for longer. This can massively prolong the knife of your blade as relying solely on a whetstone can shave metal off of your blade leaving you with a much smaller knife.

If you want your kitchen to look as sharp as your freshly sharpened knives are, make sure to get in touch with our expert kitchen fitters.

Posted on: 12th July 2019

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