Kitchen Design Tips for Socialites

For some people, the kitchen is a lot more than just a room made for preparing meals - it’s the heart and soul of the house where seasonal celebrations, parties, family gatherings and friendly meetings take place. For this to work best, your kitchen needs to be designed in a way that supports all your social needs - with maximum use of space and implementation of certain functional features.

So, we’ve put together our design tips and ideas to help you transform your kitchen into the perfect social space.

Open plan design

Open-plan is the best layout for a social kitchen - it creates more space and allows your guests to easily flow in and out of each area. Maintaining traffic flow whilst creating a sense of openness will make people feel comfortable and will be easier to communicate. For dinner parties, you won’t be cut off from your visitors whilst you prepare the food, it will allow you to entertain your guests whilst you are cooking.

Islands and breakfast bars

Islands and breakfast bars are not only great for food preparation but can be a central point for a social kitchen. It’s the perfect place for nibbles, buffet trays, and punch bowls, or even a chocolate fountain - and your guests are free to gather around and create a chatty and involved atmosphere. Islands also provide beneficial extra storage space for your food, pots, pans and appliances - and you can never have too much storage!


Seating is so important in your kitchen and is something that should be considered carefully when it comes to creating a social kitchen. Cushioned seating is best as opposed to hard chairs, as they provide more of an invitation to relax. If you’re restricted on space where having a seating area can be too much, then a breakfast bar area is the best way to maximise space and still have enough room for people to walk around freely.


Natural daylight keeps our moods up and gives us a boost of energy - which is why it’s a good idea to allow as much natural light in as possible. Bifolding doors, big windows and light colours are must-haves - the more light you let in the bigger the room feels. When it comes to the night time - mood lighting is perfect for parties. We love adjustable spotlights, hanging lamps, under-cabinet colour changing strips, and glass cabinet interior lighting. There are so many ways you can use lighting to create the perfect atmosphere.


Make your kitchen a social hub by bringing technology into the room. Avoid the issue of people going into another room where the TV is by fitting one on the wall in your kitchen. That way, you can host parties for big sporting events or big showbiz moments - without the worry of split drinks or people missing the winning goal. Another technology feature that you should consider is power sockets near the seating areas so that people can keep their tablets, smartphones and other electronic devices charged up.

Drinks Cabinet

If you love to entertain, then a drinks cabinet is a perfect addition to your kitchen. You don’t need an abundance of space to have one - a mini built-in bar can be fitted in just about any space. Fit it with glass shelves for storing bottles and glasses for your guests, and if you have enough space, create an area for drinks preparation. It’s a great addition to any social kitchen, and your friends will love it.

These ideas should help you create the perfect social kitchen. If you would like us to help you create this - get in touch with our team who can assist you in your kitchen makeover!

Posted on: 23rd September 2019

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